Financial Aid

Assisting Students and Postdoctoral who are themselves (or members of their families) in medical distress

Thanks to the generosity of one of the members of the academic staff, the Feinberg Graduate School is able to grant monetary assistance to full-time students and postdoctoral fellows who are (or members of their families) in medical distress. Assistance is given for the purpose of enabling students and postdoctoral fellows to continue their studies and training in spite of their difficulties. This fund is not connected to the FGS loan fund; and a loan can be received in addition to the loan provided by FGS.

Note: With the exception of specific cases defined by the donor of this fund, this assistance cannot be used for covering direct medical expenses.

In order to apply for assistance, FGS students and WIS postdoctoral fellows (or their mentors) may contact the Institute's social worker, Ms. Stavit Cochva-
Office: 08-9344507
Mobile: 054-4763872