Student Loans


Feinberg Graduate School provides its students with an opportunity to borrow a modest amount of money from a special loan fund.

Loan ceiling

The current maximum personal loan amount is published on the FGS website. At the time of updating this procedure, the permitted loan ceiling was NIS 8,400.

Application form

An application for a loan must be submitted on a form (see below) to the Head of the HR and Fellowships Section at FGS.

Letter of undertaking to repay the loan

Applicants must sign an undertaking to repay the loan (see blelow).

Processing the application

The Section Head will oversee the completion of the procedure. After receiving the approval of the FGS Dean, the Section Head will transfer the loan amount to the applicant's bank account.

Terms of the loanֿֿ

  • The loan is interest-free.
  • The borrower may repay the loan within two years (i.e., up to 24 installments).
  • The repayment will be deducted from the subsistence scholarship that the borrower receives in equal and consecutive monthly payments.
  • The borrower must coordinate with the Section Head the method of repaying the loan or its balance.
  • It is allowed to repay the loan balance at any one time in one payment.


Loan Application Form

Loan Agreement (up to 8,400 NIS) in Hebrew

Loan Agreement (up to 8,400 NIS) in English