Postdoc Travel Allowance

Travel Allowance for Postdoctoral Fellows

As a postdoctoral fellow at the Feinberg Graduate School, you are eligible to receive an annual allocation of $2,000. The annual allowance is cumulative, and it is designated to cover:

  • Flight expenses, room and board, and registration dues at local and international scientific conferences.
  • International courses, such as winter or summer schools.
  • Visits to laboratories and research groups abroad for the purpose of research collaboration.

The allowance is not available to postdoctoral fellows receiving external fellowships.

Proportional Allocation of the Allowance

The fiscal year at the Weizmann Institute starts on October 1 and ends on the following September 30. If you start your training after October 1, you will receive a partial allocation funds, proportional to the remaining time until September 30.

Travel Form

One may use this budget for travel expenses only after completing and submitting online the Travel Expenses Form request through the TAFNIT system - prior to the planned trip. Each trip is subject to approval by the PI.

Approval of payments

Payments from the travel budget will be approved only if it contains sufficient funds. Under no circumstances will withdrawals be allowed that place the balance in deficit ─ even if the next allowance is expected to be transferred, in the near future, into your budget. Requests for exceptional expenses will not be considered.

Expiration of the Allowance

Eligibility to use the travel allowance expires on the day that your postdoctoral training period ends. In other words, the money is designated to cover travel expenses only for those conferences that take place during your postdoctoral fellowship.

Using the Following Year’s Allocation

You may request to use whole or part of your allocation for the following year, provided that you continue to be a postdoctoral fellow. If you do not stay, you are required to return the money that you received.

Other Use of the Travel Budget

The travel budget may be used to cover conference related expenses only. It may NOT be used for the purchase of a computer or any other equipment.