About the MSc Program

Explore. Question. Challenge yourself.

Join the more than 300 students who are currently pursuing MSc degrees at the Feinberg Graduate School ─ a world-leading, scientific center where students take the initiative in exploring new research ideas and gaining key skills. At the Feinberg Graduate School, students receive the training that later leads them to senior posts in academia, industry, government, and scientific and medical research. As an MSc student at the Feinberg Graduate School, you will be joining a highly diverse and international community of intelligent and committed scientists from around the globe.

The Weizmann Institute offers two MSc tracks  in multiple fields of study. For additional information, contact the faculty coordinator in your field. For detailed information about our application procedure

MSc Tracks

  • Regular MSc Track with Thesis: For applicants with a BSc or MD from an accredited local or foreign institution of higher learning (or other certificate deemed equivalent by the Board of Studies in your field).
  • MSc Track in Science Teaching without Thesis. The program is conducted in Hebrew and designed for outstanding high school science teachers in Israel who hold a BSc.

Fields of Study

  • Physical Sciences: Physics | Applied Physics | Biological Physics
    MSc degree in Physical Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences: General Chemistry | Physics-Chemistry Combined
    MSc degree in Chemical Sciences
  • Life Sciences: Biology | Brain Sciences | Systems Biology
    MSc degree in Life Sciences
  • Mathematics & Computer Science: Mathematics | Applied Mathematics | Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science, | Systems Biology
    MSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Science Teaching (in Hebrew only).
    MSc degree in Science Teaching

David Lopatie Fellows

The David Lopatie Fellowship is a two-year program designed for the top cadre of students in the Feinberg Graduate School’s MSc program. The best applicants to the MSc program are selected by the Chairs of the Boards of Studies and recommended to the school’s Dean, who selects the final list of the David Lopatie Fellows for the next academic year.

In addition to the prestige of being awarded a special status of excellence, David Lopatie fellows receive the following benefits and privileges, as well as the regular benefits received by all of the MSc students:

  • Permission for an early transfer from the MSc program to the direct PhD track (if desired), which entitles you to begin studies toward a PhD degree at the beginning of your second year. Early transfer to the direct PhD track receives approval provided that all of the necessary academic requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Increased scholarship that is equal to the scholarship granted to first-year PhD students, for those who opt to transfer to the direct PhD track during the second year of studies.
  • Personal travel allowance for scientific meetings, workshops and schools, including academic institutions and conventions overseas, in an amount equal to half of the travel allowance granted to the PhD students at the Feinberg Graduate School.

FGS Coordinators

Michal Kiri
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Michal Kiri
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Life Sciences
Dalia Greenberg
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Math & CS
Adi Shimron
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Science Teaching
Adi Shimron
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