Students with Special Needs

Statement of policy

The Feinberg Graduate School is sensitive to students and postdoctoral fellows with special needs and provides the necessary arrangements to facilitate studies and training. 

Academic accommodations and adjustments

The FGS automatically adopts all academic adjustments and modifications that were recommended for any of its students by a diagnostic agency, and/or granted to them by the institution of higher learning they had attended prior to their studies at FGS.  Therefore, essentially, there is no real need to form a standing committee to handle requests for accommodations and adjustments for students with learning disabilities and special needs.

Who to contact

Students diagnosed by a professional agency (public or private), as having learning disabilities and/or disorders wishing to be granted special accommodations or adjustments (such an extended exam time), may contact the FGS Coordinator for Courses and Exams, or their FGS Faculty Coordinator.

How to contact

In writing - by email.

Required documents

  • A diagnostic report by a professional agency describing the type of disability /disorder with recommendations for accommodations and adjustments; OR
  • Any record of formal approval of accommodations and adjustments issued for the student by another Institution of Higher Learning in Israel or abroad.


The student will receive a formal FGS document outlining the academic accommodations and adjustments he/she is entitle to (such as extended exam time etc.). The formal document will be issued as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days following the submission of the request.

Other Accommodations and Assistive Devices

For students with special needs who wish to discuss other accommodations for needed accessibility (such as the use of assistive technology)

Who to Contact

should contact the FGS Director for further details and assistance.

How to Contact

In writing - by email.


Any record of existing and/or recommended solution.

Further Support

In all queries and particular problems and requests students may contact the FGS Coordinator of their Faculty. The WIS Social Worker is also at their disposal and they may consult with her anytime.

Accommodations and Adjustment Committee

Should there be (in rare and special cases), a need to form an ad-hoc committee. The committee will convene within 30 days of the decision to form it, and will consist of the following members:

  • WIS Accessibility Coordinator
  • FGS official
  • The student’s Head of Research Group


Students unsatisfied with a decision made by the above-mentioned Accommodations and Adjustment Committee may approach the Academic Secretary of the FGS. Should it be necessary, the FGS Dean will appoint a special committee to review the case. Members of the Accommodations and Adjustment Committee will not be appointed to the special committee. The committee will convene within 30 days of the appeal.

Private Counseling Service forYoung Adults 
with Hearing Loss

The service is designed to help people with hearing loss and their families to manage issues relating to their hearing loss with an emphasis on emotional and social needs.

This service is free of charge for Bekol members.

For an introductory appointment please contact Micahl, Bekol's social worker.

  • Phone: 03-5257001
  • Fax: 03-5257004

Bekol – Organization of Hard of Hearing People in Israel, established in 1997, is a unique self-help association founded and directed by people with hearing loss. Bekol is the only organization in Israel that works to integrate hard-of-hearing adults (ages 18 and up) into the general society by addressing problems of legislation, accessibility, work, etc.