PhD Fellowships

Monthly Fellowships for PhD Students

Full-time PhD students at the Feinberg Graduate School are entitled to a monthly fellowship for 4.5 years. If you receive the fellowship, you are expected to devote all of your time to studies and scientific research (the rates below will be in effect starting October 2015).

Types of fellowships

The following are the types and levels of PhD fellowships at the Weizmann Institute of Science as of December 2019:

Regular PhD fellowship
As of October 2020 all PhD students  are entitled to a fellowship in the amount of NIS 7,997.

Medical Doctors and Veterinarians

Full-time PhD students who are Medical Doctors (MD) or Veterinarians (DVM) are entitled to a monthly fellowship at a level of a regular postdoctoral fellowship – i.e. NIS 9,596.


Incentive fellowship

  • NIS 9,596  per month (120% of the regular fellowship)
  • The incentive supplement is awarded to recipients of competitive external fellowships with a monthly value in NIS that is below the level of the incentive fellowship.

External (competitive) fellowships (that are paid through the WIS)
As defined by the external foundation, up to a limit of 140% of the regular WIS fellowship.


The following principles govern the fellowship system at the WIS:

External fellowships (competitive and non-competitive), either replace the regular WIS fellowship or fund part of it. In other words, they substitute for the regular PhD fellowship and are not awarded in addition to it.

External vs WIS fellowship
WIS fellowships and external fellowships may not be awarded simultaneously. If the level of an external fellowship is higher than the regular WIS fellowship then the student is entitled to keep the balance (subject to the above-mentioned limit). However, if the level of the external fellowship is lower than the regular WIS fellowship then the student is still paid the difference - up to 120% of the regular WIS fellowship.

Travel Allowance

  • All PhD students are entitled to travel allowance of $4,250 (paid in NIS in two installments during the course of the student's studies).
  • The FGS travel allowance will NOT be provided to students holding an external fellowship with a travel allowance that is higher than the corresponding FGS travel allowance for PhD students. However, if the travel allowance provided by the external fellowship is lower than the corresponding FGS allowance, the balance will be provided to the fellow.


Termination of Fellowship Payment

Payment of the fellowship will cease if:

  • Your degree is officially approved.
  • You are no longer at the Weizmann Institute.
  • You submitted a thesis and plan to remain at the Weizmann Institute as a postdoctoral fellow.
  • Since the submission of your thesis, 60 days have passed.


You may receive the fellowship for a maximum of 60 months of doctoral studies. If you receive approval to postpone the submission of your thesis beyond the standard 54 months, the Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School will determine whether you can continue to receive financial support during the additional time period, or for only part of it. This decision is made on an individual basis. If the Dean approves the extension of your financial support, you can continue to receive the funding for a maximum of up to five years of doctoral studies. Likewise, if you are on maternity leave, military reserve duty or suffering from a prolonged illness, you may also be entitled to receive extended financial support.