Health Insurance

Every International faculty member, employee, student or visitor, as well as accompanying family members and dependents, must be covered by a comprehensive private health insurance policy for the period of their stay in Israel. This Insurance must include COVID coverage. We will instruct you as to how to obtain a local policy suitable for your status, and this is a mandatory requirement for your time at the Institute.

International students, Postdocs & family members

Feinberg Graduate School International students (MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral fellows) and their family members will be directed to obtain a local insurance policy, the cost of which is covered by the Institute. 

Visiting Students

Visiting Students accepted by the Feinberg Graduate School will be directed to obtain an Israeli insurance policy which is mandatory.

Faculty Members & Employees 

It is mandatory to have the local health insurance policy which we will direct you to purchase throughout the period of your time at the Institute.

Immediate family members of Employees

Family members are not obligated to take any particular health insurance policy - however, we highly recommend the policies that can be purchased locally in Israel and will provide you with information on how to purchase them.


Visiting Scientists

Visiting Scientists and their families are obligated to have a health insurance policy. Once your visit is confirmed, you will receive an email with the current guidelines.

More Information you may need


Feinberg Graduate School (FGS) students (MSc and PhD), or visiting students are entitled to reside in student housing. For FGS MSc and Ph.D. full-time students, a housing request will be automatically placed.

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Michael Kern House

Located on campus with a mix of rooms for singles. Each room is furnished and 4 students of the same gender share a toilet and bathroom. In addition, all 16 students share a fully equipped kitchen (with gas) and a lounge area with a small library. There are facilities to lock bicycles. 

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