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Everyone’s experience at the Weizmann Institute is different - here you can read what some of our guests have said about their stay.

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  • Dr. Carlos De la Cruz Mengual


    My quarantine at Samy Cohn ended on Monday, and I just wanted to send you just a few words of gratitude. You do an excellent job of making the lives of internationals at the Institute much easier. Thank you very much!

    01 Dec, 2020
  • Dr. Sharada Govinda


    We reached home safely. I want to thank you for all your help, starting from before joining WIS, all the way until we left Israel. We have enjoyed all the activities organised by you and had a good time at WIS. Thank you!

    01 Oct, 2020
  • Lohit and Ankita Khera


    Despite your overloaded schedule, your timely action saved Ankita a highly uncertain trip to India in these challenging times. Thank you and IO team from the bottom of our hearts for all the efforts you put for making our lives comfortable.

    More power to you!!

    01 Sep, 2020
  • Dr. Charlotte Vogt

    Visiting Scientist

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of your efforts which go far beyond what anyone can expect from any normal scientific institute to their (visiting) scientists, to get me back into Israel. I'm happy to write this email to you safely and very happily from (bidud in) my apartment in Tel Aviv.

    Last week, after a painful few days cancelling my dissertation event, and everything surrounding it, I wasn't able to enter Israel and got sent on a plane back to the Netherlands after flying to Israel upon hearing that the Consulate in the Netherlands had to close. Your help writing me a last minute letter and calling the border police at the time didn't get me in, but now, a week later I was able to get Consular approval greatly based on your help and am so happy to be back in the place that I call home.

    Thank you, so much. I'm so grateful to you and to Weizmann, and feel very lucky to be connected to the Institute.

    01 Mar, 2020
  • Dr. Quanfu He


    As the coronavirus swept in my hometown, Hubei, life there has been changed dramatically. This horrible situation will last longer, and no one knows when is the end. I cannot imagine to let my mother going back to China under such conditions, not even for a second.

    I understand that it is tough to extend a tourist visa, not only because it is beyond the responsibility of anyone in the Institute, but also because of the national policies. I am grateful that the management team of the institute, the international office, and my department colleagues helped me without hesitation. My family appreciates the efforts of the institute. We are so grateful for this amazing end.

    I have to say I am so lucky to join the Weizmann Institute of Science as a postdoc. I am proud to be part of it. This will become a wonderful experience in my life beyond research.

    01 Feb, 2020
  • Harish Charan


    I would like to express my thank you to the entire International Office (IO) team for their efforts and hard work that goes into the periodic arrangements of such events. It really let us take a break from our hectic and busy study schedule and relax a bit. Parallelly, it also offers us a chance to learn more and more about Jewish culture and traditions.

    01 Dec, 2019
  • Dr Ana Martin-Lasanta


    I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience with the bikes. We borrowed the bikes from Weizmann last weekend and we had a great healthy and pleasant experience biking in Rehovot. We think that the Bike Share Program is a useful and attractive initiative from which a lot of students will benefit.

    01 Sep, 2019
  • Jaeyoung Chun

    Republic of Korea

    I truly appreciate all your help from the beginning till the end. As I mentioned this to Rachel the other day, I’ve been to a couple of international offices in my life, but yours is the world best! You and your team treated my issues like they are actually yours, not like your task.  Once again, thank you so much for everything and I really hope to visit again!

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    01 Jan, 2019
  • Prof. Ravit Golan Duncan

    Visiting Scientist

    Hope you guys recovered from the pool party, just wanted to say it rocked! The drumming thing was really a brilliant idea, kids loved it. This year the party was bitter-sweet for us because it marks the end of our stay. But next year it will mark the beginning of a fun summer at Weizmann. Thanks for organizing!

    01 Jun, 2018
  • Prof. Paul Brumer

    Visiting Scientist
    Roel Buck Professor of Chemical Physics, University of Toronto, Canada

    I am completing a two month stay as Visiting Professor here at the Weizmann Institute.  During this time, the Visiting Scientists Office under Ms. Dana Dvash has been enormously helpful with numerous issues that have arisen.  

    I have been a frequent visitor to the Institute over the past 40 years, and, from my perspective, the Visiting Scientists office does an outstanding job of making our stay pleasant and productive.

    01 Jul, 2017
  • Prof. Miriam Greenberg

    Visiting Scientist
    College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Wayne State University, USA

    Here is a big problem with yesterday’s trip:  YOU KEEP RAISING THE BAR!!!  I don’t know how you manage to keep organizing such wonderful excursions.  Yesterday was fascinating.  I had no idea that 60% of Negev agriculture is irrigated by Shafdan water. And filtration through the sand - what a terrific idea!  Great trip!

    I can’t wait for Avshalom Cave. (I’ve never been to a cave)!

    01 Feb, 2017
  • Dr. Manish Vasoya


    Thanks a lot for everything you have assisted. We had a very great time over here, enjoyed a lot with great events - thanks a lot for that (especially Aileen), with science - I found the Weizmann one of the great scientific campus. I am hoping that I will get more chances to come again and again to this place.

    01 Dec, 2016
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