The Weizmann Institute of Science operates over 500 housing units.  Here you will find information regarding maintaining your apartment, changing apartment type, departing from our housing and insuring the contents of your apartment.  In addition, when your eligibility for our housing ends, our team will assist you to locate and rent an off campus apartment in Rehovot.

Are you eligible for WIS housing?

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Should you encounter any problem in your Weizmann apartment which requires maintenance, please report it immediately to the service center which is available 24/7. The service center can be reached on 08-934-9106 or via email at service.center@weizmann.ac.il

General Cleaning Advice

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How to prevent Mold

Apartment Contents Insurance

Should you choose to insure the contents of your apartment, whether you live in on or off-campus housing, Harel Yedidim can offer you an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

The Harel Yedidim Insurance plan for apartment contents insurance and computers.

Extension of Weizmann Housing

If there are extenuating circumstances such as medical, personal or financial issues, you can approach the social worker who can provide a recommendation for an extension of housing.

Changing Apartment

If you are getting married, or your family are joining you or departing from Israel, contact the housing team regarding changing apartment type. 

Departing Weizmann Housing

Please ensure that you update the housing team if you plan to move out of campus housing, ensuring that you give at least 2 weeks notice.

Off Campus Housing

The International Office will be glad to send you detailed information to assist you to locate and rent an off-campus apartment in Rehovot. 

If you wish to rent a house in any location other than Rehovot, we would suggest you consider contacting Trusted House who can assist you.

More Information you may need

Family Life

If you are arriving with children, you will want to know what educational opportunities are available for them in Rehovot. Children normally attend the kindergarten or elementary school in their neighborhoods, while older children may travel by bus to their middle or high schools.

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While we hope your time in Israel will be enjoyable, there may be times when you need additional help and support. There is a social worker on campus available for you or your family to consult with. They can also refer you to external services such as Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It is your responsibility to ensure you hold a valid policy throughout your time in Israel.
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