Here you will find all of the information you need to get organised prior to your arrival in Israel including visas, health insurance, housing and registering your children for childcare or school.

  • Visas

    Our office will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork and instructions to facilitate your receiving the appropriate visa in the smoothest way possible. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned departure date from Israel.

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  • Health Insurance

    All visitors and accompanying family members must hold appropriate health insurance for the duration of their time in Israel. This is in fact, a condition of receiving your visa. We will direct you to a local policy providing comprehensive coverage throughout your stay which of course provides COVID coverage.

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  • Housing

    The Weizmann Institute of Science manages and operates over 500 housing units for Faculty members, International Employees, Visiting Scientists, International Postdoctoral Fellows and Students and Visiting Students, subject to availability. The units are on campus and in the streets adjacent to campus.

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  • Preparing for Your Arrival

    Essential information that you will need in order to make your arrival in Israel as smooth as possible. From learning the language, shipping information, relocating your family to Israel and specifically in Rehovot and on campus.

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