Preparing Your Arrival

Below you will find all of the essential information that you will need in order to make your arrival in Israel as smooth as possible.

Learning Hebrew While Abroad

Learning Hebrew while Abroad

Our team will be glad to assist you in locating a Hebrew teacher. This is particularly relevant when you will have children attending school. 

Below are some useful resources for learning Hebrew online.

Shipping to Israel

Shipping to Israel

For information on shipping belongings to Israel, it really depends how much you have and where you are shipping from. There may be an option to ship via sea – it takes about 3 months, but is usually the cheapest method.  Many people simply pay the airlines a fee to take an extra bag with them on the plane.

You can read more about Shipping to Israel on this shipping guide 

Below are some links to international shipping companies – if you use one of them (or any others) we’d be glad to get your feedback for future guest use.

Shipping companies

Arriving at WIS

Arriving at The Weizmann Institute of Science

You can travel either by train to the campus or take a taxi from the official dispatcher located to the left as you exit the arrivals hall.  We do NOT recommend that you take an unofficial taxi! Taxi fares from the airport have legally fixed prices which fall into two categories depending on the time of day. Drivers can also charge extra for more than 2 passengers and luggage.  The taxi fare is approximately $40 (150 NIS) during the day and $45 (165 NIS), between 9:00 PM and 5:30 AM.  Although the fare should be set, we recommend that you ensure that the meter is switched on and ask your driver to stop and wait at the main gate of the Weizmann Institute of Science. An envelope containing the keys to your apartment, a map of the campus, and other information will await you at the main entrance of the Institute and will be given to you upon presentation of your passport. Afterward, continue by taxi to your accommodation.

The main gate is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you will be able to collect your keys at any time.

Driving directions from the airport (by Google Maps).

You will receive confirmation of your address and telephone number (if relevant) at least 7 days prior to your arrival.

  • Life on Campus

    Life on Campus

    The Weizmann Institute of Science is a leading international multidisciplinary research institution. The beautiful, landscaped campus is home to a wide range of sculptures, interesting and unusual vegetation from around the world, and architectural styles from the 1940s to the present. Guided campus tours (walking and motorized) are available from the recently renovated Levinson Visitors Center and include the Clore Garden of Science and Weizmann House. The Institute is home to a number of cafes, so feel free to stop for a bite to eat and enjoy a wonderful day on campus. Explore
  • Rehovot City

    Rehovot City

    Rehovot, founded in 1890 by Polish and Yemenite immigrants, is located in the center of the country. It has a population of over 130,000 and is well known for its scientific academic institutions – the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture. Located about an hour from Jerusalem by car, around 30-45 minutes from Tel Aviv by car and less by train. Immigrants from all over the world, including North America, the former Soviet Union, Yemen, Ethiopia and Morocco, make it an interesting and lively place to live. Credit to photo: Guy Shmueli, Rehovot City Explore
  • Life in Israel

    Life in Israel

    Israel has been a magnet for travelers, merchants and pilgrims throughout history. Today, millions of visitors come to visit and experience Israel’s important historical sites, natural wonders and sporting opportunities, its dynamic business hubs and economic leaders, and its world-class academic and cultural institutions. Whether you prefer surfing, the symphony, Roman ruins or a spiritual experience, Israel has something for everyone. Explore
  • Family life

    Family life

    If you are arriving with children, you will want to know what educational opportunities are available for them in Rehovot. Generally, children attend the kindergarten or elementary school in the neighborhood where you live, while older children may travel by bus to their middle or high schools. We will be glad to assist you get your children registered for the appropriate academic framework. Explore

More Information you may need

Health Insurance

Every International faculty member, employee, student or visitor, as well as accompanying family members and dependents, must be covered by a comprehensive private health insurance policy for the period of their stay in Israel. This Insurance must include COVID coverage.
Read more about Health Insurance


Our office will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork and instructions to facilitate you receiving the appropriate visa required in the smoothest way possible. All visitors to Israel must hold a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date they are due to depart Israel.​​​​​
Read more about Visas