Welcome to the Weizmann Institute! The information here will assist you with day-to day life in Israel, such as extending or changing your visa, using your health insurance, renting off campus, family life and more.

  • Visas

    When your visa is about to expire or if you change your status at the Institute, you may need to change the type of visa you have. Our office will assist you and your family to ensure your visas remain valid at all times.

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  • Health

    It is a legal requirement that you and your family hold valid health insurance policies for the period of your stay in Israel.

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  • Housing

    The Weizmann Institute of Science operates over 500 housing units. In addition, our office can assist you to locate and rent an off campus apartment in Rehovot when your eligibility ends.

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  • Erasmus+

    The European Union created the Erasmus+ programme to encourage the exchange of students and staff between EU countries and countries around the world.

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  • Life on Campus

    Guided campus tours (walking and automized) are available from the Levinson Visitor center and include the Clore Garden of Science and Weizmann House. The institute is home to a number of cafes, so feel free to stop for a bite to eat and enjoy a wonderful day on Campus.

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  • Rehovot City

    Rehovot is located in the center of the country. It has a population of over 130,000 and is located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, about 15 mins drive from the beach and about 30 mins drive from the International Airport. The city has (by Israeli standards) a large English-speaking population.
    Credit to photo: Guy Shmueli, Rehovot City

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  • Life in Israel

    Israel is a small country with a lot to offer. Important historical sites, natural wonders, dynamic business hubs, world-class academic and cultural institutions. Whether you prefer surfing, the symphony, Roman ruins or a spiritual experience, Israel has something for everyone.

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  • Family Life

    If you are arriving with children, you will want to know what educational opportunities are available for them in Rehovot. We will be glad to assist you register your children for the appropriate academic framework.

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