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Bina (Bridge, Innovate, Nurture, Advance) is a scientific unit at the Weizmann Institute of Science, belonging to the office of the Vice President for Innovation and Technology Transfer. Bina identifies, nurtures and supports early-stage basic research projects which are likely to produce intellectual property with practical applications. 

Intellectual property arising from these projects may be commercialized by Yeda, the commercial arm of Weizmann Institute of Science.

Our Values

  • Science-Oriented

    Bina strives to harness the wealth of scientific expertise available at the Weizmann Institute of Science towards potential applicative research. We invite researchers across disciplines to submit their basic and applied projects to the Bina Nurture Program for custom scientific guidance.

  • Community-Based

    Bina serves as an academic innovation hub, leveraging the Weizmann Institute’s collective brainpower to synergize ideas and develop new technologies. Weizmann Institute scientists, alumni, and industry experts come together to advise researchers, exchange scientific knowledge and give back to the community.

  • Accessible & Transparent

    Whether you are a PI, staff scientist, student or Weizmann Institute employee, Bina aims to help launch your project quickly and efficiently from concept to application. We provide scientific and industrial guidance, as well as the funding needed to take your technology to the next level — no strings attached.


  • Discover

    Advance your research by exploring the applicative potential of your ideas, inventions and technologies.

  • Learn

    Experience the basic-to-applied journey with your lab project, or participate in one of Bina’s business-oriented educational programs.

  • Influence

    Whether you are an alumnus or industrial professional, make a difference by helping bring the Weizmann Institute’s cutting-edge ideas to the world.

  • Develop

    Receive project guidance, feedback, and validation from industry experts, as well as funding for your research.

  • Prepare

    Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a post-academic scientific career in the industry.

  • Discover

    Become exposed to and involved with the Weizmann Institute’s early-stage ideas. Stay up-to-date with the most innovative technologies in your field of expertise.

  • Execute

    Deliver a well-defined proof of concept that can then be handed over to Yeda for evaluation of commercial potential.

  • Build

    Cultivate a professional network and meet industry experts and veterans.

  • Expand

    Grow your professional network by joining review committees and participating or lecturing in events.



Advisory board

    Gabi Barbash, MD, MPH

    Director, Bench to Bedside Program

    Prof. Michal Irani

    Dean of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Dr. Michal Preminger

    Regional Head
    Johnson & Johnson Innovation
    East North America


Ready to start your innovation journey?

If you...

  • Have an idea for a research project
  • Have developed new technology
  • Discovered a new process

Bina and Yeda are here to support and guide you!


To submit your application, simply answer five short questions in the link below.



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