Spotlight on Latin America

Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
The 10th celebration of the Jardin Weizmann de Ciencias, Mexico. Photography: Alicia Masri

The 10th celebration of the Jardin Weizmann de Ciencias, Mexico. Photography: Alicia Masri

Mexican friends of Weizmann recently came together at the Jardín Weizmann de Ciencias (Weizmann Garden of Science) at the Jewish Sports Center in Mexico, for Jardín Weizmann’s 10th anniversary. Modeled after the Clore Garden of Science, it is the first and only fully open-air science museum in Mexico. It was funded by the Mexican Association of Friends of the Weizmann Institute in 2009.

The Jardín Weizmann recently underwent a renovation and new exhibitions were added. During the celebration, a new wall was unveiled, a gift of Mauricio and Joan Schwarz, which includes information about the Weizmann Institute. Speakers included Silvia Baum de Gerson, President of the Mexican Association of Friends; Carol Fastlicht Perelman, Director of the Jardín Weizmann; Marcos Metta Cohen, President of the CDI; and Dany Schmit, CEO of Weizmann Latin America.
In news from Argentina: In April, a team of young Argentinean students participated in the Shalhevet Freier Safe-Cracking International Physics Tournament on the Weizmann campus. The team, from the Instituto Politecnico Superior, from Rosario, Argentina, participated in the tournament thanks to the support of the Vicentin company and the Argentinean Association of Friends. Mathias Sielecky is forming the management of a group of young friends of the Association, which will focus on science education projects.
And in Brazil: Prof. Michal Neeman, Vice President of the Weizmann Institute, participated in the Brazilian Congress of Industry Innovation in São Paulo. The event was organized by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Companies (Sebrae).