We aim to understand the beauty of physics in realistic materials by performing ab initio materials simulations and developing new methods to reveal novel phenomena. By the materials design, we aim to bridge the gap between the theoretical concept and the experimental realization. Our recent research is focused on the design and prediction of topological materials, for exmaple, topological insulators, topological Dirac and Weyl semimetals, and also emerging 2D materials.

Bright and energetic M.Sc and  PhD students and Postdocs are always welcome.

| News |
Welcome Dr. Jahyun Koo to our group (Nov 2018).
The self-modulation doping effect verified in Bi2O2Se [Recent publication in Sci. Adv.]
An exotic self-modulation doping effect in high-mobility 2D material Bi2O2Se [Recent theory in PRB]
Our prediction on the nonlinear anomalous Hall effect in WTe2 verfied by recent experiments at Cornell and MIT.
Our prediction on the FM insulator layer VSe2 with an anomalous Hall effect verified in a recent experiment
Review article on topological antiferromagnetic spintronics [Recent paper in Nature Phys.]
Dr. Yizhou Liu joined us with the Dean Fellowship. Welcome. (Aug 2018)
Jiachen Li and Pengkang Guo joined us as visiting students. Welcome. (Jul 2018)
Dr. Binghai Yan was awarded the 2017 IPS prize for young scientist (Dec 2017)
Dr. Huixia Fu received the Dean of Faculty Fellowship  (Sep 2017)
Research highlights in Weizmann Webpage (Sep 2017)
Research highlights in Nature(Jul 2017), New York Times(Jul 2017) and Phys.org (Jul 2017)

| Events |
Workshop for Young Research Leaders - Topological Matter May 21-24, 2018, Weizmann Institute
Weizmann - Max Planck Minerva workshop, Feb 25-26, 2018, Jerusalem