Bulletin Board


1. To make browsing and finding specific posts easier, messages in all forums are subdivided into three self-explanatory categories.

2. You must login with your userID/password to post new information in the Forums (email to Andrew Kovalenko at andrewk@weizmann.ac.il to obtain one).

3. The login/logout link is located on the right side of the menu bar as well as within the category pages.

4. To post new information, follow the “Post new topic” link on top of the desired category’s page. Please, enter the title of your post in the “Title” field (this will be the name of your post in the forum’s directory). You will then have the option to paste/type in styled text in the “Body” box, or/and attach a reprint of a paper or any other file of your choice under the “File attachments” drop-down (note that the maximum upload size is 1 MB. Only files with the following extensions may be uploaded: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, txt, doc, xls, pdf, ppt, pps, odt, ods, odp).

5. Click “Save” button at the bottom of the page (this is essential, otherwise all the information you’ve entered will be lost!).

6. Please don’t hesitate to write to andrewk@weizmann.ac.il if you need further advice on using this system.

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