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Resources and Catalogues


Cytokine Catalog - PeproTech, Inc.

MACS - Magnetic Cell Sorting and Separation of Biomolecules

ProSpec - Tany TechnoGene LTD

CTL - Cellular Technology Limited

eBioscience - the new standard of excellence

Cell Sciences, Inc. - Suppliers of Cytokines, Elisa kits, etc.

Upstate (Millipore) Biotech - Products for Cell Signaling Products, in particular Ligands - Cytokines/Lymphokines

StemCell Technologies Inc.

BioVendor - ELISA kits and monoclonal antibodies to leptin, leptin receptor, osteoprotegerin and more

BioErgonomics Inc. (BioE)

AID Diagnostika GmbH - Diagnostic Tests and Systems for Autoimmunology, Immunology and Infectiology


CYTImmune Sciences, Inc.


MABTECH AB, offers high quality ELISpot and ELISA kits to human, mouse and monkey cytokines

Cell Technology, Inc. - the North American distributor for the automated EliSpot Reader Systems and EliSpot test kits manufactured by AutoImmun Diagnostika, Germany

BioLegend Inc. Supplier of cytokines, chemokines, antibodies, soluble receptors etc.

Abgent - specializes in antibodies, peptides, and protein expression products for cell signaling, apoptosis, and cell cycle regulation; also carries a line of vectors and primers for siRNA

Profos- a novel pre-packed column, reported to be highly efficient for removal of endotoxin from protein solutions

MedSystems Diagnostics. - supplier of cytokines, chemokines, reagents for adhesion, annexin V, apoptosis, CD markers and tumor biology


Sources of Information on Transgenic Mice

The Jackson Laboratory


Andrase Nagi Lab (Cre transgenic databases)


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Patent Search (The European Patent Office)

The New TNF Nomenclature Scheme