WISe Program


The WISe program is open to all students as well as recent alumni from all departments of the Weizmann Institute of Science who are fascinated by the world of technology entrepreneurship.


The WISe program aims to

  • Provide students with the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to launch and grow a startup venture

  • Expose students to the one of a kind startup ecosystem of Isreal and be there doorway into it


The program consists of two main pillars:

WISe Class. 15 Meetings spread over 6 months with over 30 talks and 6 seminars. The sessions cover a vast range of topics. From how to find a startup idea and how to judge it, through how to navigate your way from just an idea to a real business, and finally to how to raise capital and grow. The meetings are all led by top Israeli entrepreneurs and investors as well as by many Weizmann alumni who founded successful companies.

WISe Seeds. WISe Seeds are projects developed by the participants. The Seeds are developped in teams and are the main focus of the program. Each seed goes through the first steps of forming a startup and ends by the presentation of a killer pitch and formulation of a business plan. The teams are given guidance, mentorship and support throughout all the process.

 The second WISe program cysle will begin in July 2017 with 30 students from departements and disciplines.