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Menus for Refreshments and Meals - Former - Schulz Catering Services 08-934-3691

  1. The Weizmann Institute of Science has two main suppliers for refreshments.
  2. Refreshments can also be ordered from the restaurants in the Institute according to the price lists on this "Restaurants" website.
  3. Reservations are accepted Sunday through Thursday as follows:
    Light refreshments until 12:00 the day before the event.
    Special refreshments until 12:00 of four working days before the event.
  4. The minimum amount per order will be: NIS 100, not including tax, for "regular refreshments", and NIS 400, not including tax, for "special refreshments".
  5. The prices of refreshments on this site are intended for refreshments whose total cost is less than NIS 2,000, including VAT.
  6. The suppliers will not be the exclusive suppliers for VIP events or large-scale events (for more than 500 people) at the Institute.
  7. As for refreshment items not included on this website, or for private events whose total cost is between NIS 2,000 and NIS 60,000, including VAT: You may contact these suppliers and the restaurant operators at the Institute to request a price quote, and issue a separate purchase order in response to the cheapest offer. In any case, the prices will not exceed those on this website.
  8. For orders from "Roladin Catering Services" and "Schulz Catering Services" whose costs will exceed NIS 5,000, including VAT, a 15% discount will apply to the prices that appear on this website.
  9. Orders whose total cost is more than NIS 60,000, including VAT, will be handled by applying to the Tender Committee. In any case, the prices will not exceed those on this website.
  10. From "Roladin Catering Services" and "Schulz Catering Services", it is possible to order refreshment items other than those appearing on this website. In such cases, the prices will be based on the prices of similar items found on the website or on a price quote that receives your written approval in advance.