Selected Publications

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  1. Asaf Zviran; Nofar Mor; Yoach Rais et al. (2019). Deterministic Somatic Cell Reprogramming Involves Continuous Transcriptional Changes Governed by Myc and Epigenetic-Driven Modules.  Cell Stem Cell. 24:(2)328-341.e9.  Abstract [All authors]


  1. Asaf Zviran; Nofar Mor; Yoach Rais et al. (2017). High-Resolution Dissection of Conducive Reprogramming Trajectory to Ground State Pluripotency.  BioRxiv.  Abstract [All authors]


  1. Stelzer, Y., Wu, H., Song, Y., Shivalila, C.S., Markoulaki, S., and Jaenisch, R. Parent-of-Origin DNA Methylation Dynamics during Mouse Development. Cell Reports 16, 3167-3180.


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  2. Stelzer, Y., and Jaenisch, R. Monitoring Dynamics of DNA Methylation at Single-Cell Resolution during Development and Disease. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 80, 199-206

  3. Stelzer, Y*., Bar, S*., Bartok, O., Afik, S., Ronen, D., Kadener, S., and Benvenisty, N. Differentiation of human parthenogenetic pluripotent stem cells reveals multiple tissue- and isoform-specific imprinted transcripts. Cell Reports 11, 308-320.


  1. Stelzer, Y., Sagi, I., Yanuka, O., Eiges, R., and Benvenisty, N. The noncoding RNA IPW regulates the imprinted DLK1-DIO3 locus in an induced pluripotent stem cell model of Prader-Willi syndrome. Nature Genetics 46, 551-557.


  1. Stelzer, Y*., Ronen, D*., Bock, C., Boyle, P., Meissner, A., and Benvenisty, N. Identification of novel imprinted differentially methylated regions by global analysis of human-parthenogenetic-induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cell Reports 1, 79-89.

  2. Stelzer, Y., Sagi, I., and Benvenisty, N. Involvement of parental imprinting in the antisense regulation of onco-miR-372-373. Nature Communications 4, 2724.


  1. Stelzer, Y., Yanuka, O., and Benvenisty, N. Global analysis of parental imprinting in human parthenogenetic induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18, 735-741. 


  1. Pick, M*., Stelzer, Y*., Bar-Nur, O., Mayshar, Y., Eden, A., and Benvenisty, N. Clone- and gene-specific aberrations of parental imprinting in human induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cells 27, 2686-2690. 


    * Equally Contributing Authors