Chameleons, copepods, fish, and many other organisms, use organic crystals for an astonishing variety of optical functions. These crystals are formed by specialized cells, in which remarkable control over crystal shape, size, and assembly is obtained using strategies that are beyond the state of the art in materials science. While these cells were identified many years ago, almost nothing is known about their biology, particularly the cellular processes involved in organic crystal formation. We use biological tools together with physical and chemical methodologies to study the processes organisms use to produce either optically functional or pathological bio-organic crystals. Our main model organisms for these studies are zebrafish and medaka. 


We are currently looking for talented MSc and PhD students as well as postdocs (with either chemistry, biology, or physics background), to join an exciting, interdisciplinary new lab at the Weizmann Institute. Please contact Dvir if you are interested in joining our team.