Forming the Cortex-Translating Environmental Cues to Cellular Responses

The main interest of our lab is the process of neuronal migration that occurs during embryonic brain development. In the developing brain neurons are born in one position and have to migrate to their final destination by active cell migration. This is a very dynamic process that is regulated via the concerted action of multiple gene products. In humans this process occurs over the period of several months.

Aberrant neuronal migration may result in devastating consequences, such as severe brain malformation, mental retardation, epileptic seizures and early death. We have concentrated on one severe form of brain malformation, known as lissencephaly, which means "smooth brain". Abnormal neuronal migration has been also associated with Schizophrenia and autism. Interestingly, the same gene products that are involved in regulation of neuronal migration participate in additional fundamental cell processes such as neuronal transport. Therefore, our studies have implications on neurodegenerative diseases as well.   

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