RNA is modified by >100 chemical modifications. These modifications are, in some cases, highly ubiquitous, conserved and dynamically regulated in mRNA, imposing a unique and uncharacterized regulatory code. Our lab aims to crack this code, and understand how modifications on mRNA direct gene expression programs and cell state decisions. Our lab bridges experimental and computational aspects of biological research, combining genomic, genetic and biochemical approaches with tailored computational ones.

News & Announcements

3 September 2021

Multiplexed m6A profiling and computational analysis 

27 July 2021

A commentary about our ADAR1 paper was published in the Weizmann Institute magazine

7 June 2021

Huge congrats Prof. Schragi Schwartz!

27 May 2021

Well done Anna and Miguel!

26 April 2021

Revealing patterns of periodicity and symmetricity in the ADAR-1 activity

6 December 2020

Congratulations Schragi for winning the 2021 RNA society early career award!


21 July 2020

A commentary about the Ac4C-seq paper was published in the Weizmann Institute magazine

17 June 2020

After much anticipation, Aldema’s paper is finally out.

8 May 2020

Congratulations to Schragi for winning the 2020 Krill prize!

10 August 2019

A commentary about the MAZTER-seq paper was published in the Weizmann Institute magazine

25 July 2019

Miguel and Sarit's paper describing a novel method for quantitative, single-nucleotide detection of m6A, was published.

14 June 2018

Aldema is the recipient of the Weizmann Abroad Postdoc Grant for Advancing Women in Science