RNA is modified by >100 chemical modifications. These modifications are, in some cases, highly ubiquitous, conserved and dynamically regulated in mRNA, imposing a unique and uncharacterized regulatory code. Our lab aims to crack this code, and understand how modifications on mRNA direct gene expression programs and cell state decisions. Our lab bridges experimental and computational aspects of biological research, combining genomic, genetic and biochemical approaches with tailored computational ones.

News & Announcements

20 November 2018

A commentary about our recent paper was published in the Weizmann Institute magazine.

9 November 2017

Modi's paper providing single base resolution maps of the M1A modification is out there.

25 October 2017

Congratulations to Schragi for being elected an EMBO Young Investigator

12 October 2017

Congratulations David and Clara for writing one of the 12 winning proposals!