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Post doc position 02/08/2021
המחלקה למדעי המחשב ומתמטיקה שימושית
תחום משרה:
ע.מחקר ומעבדה ומדעני סגל
תיאור המשרה:
  • Joint postdoc position between the Broad Institute and the Weizmann Institute at the intersection of signal processing, machine learning, and healthcare.
  • The work will be performed with the groups of Prof. Yonina Eldar and Dr. Anthony Philippakis at the Biomedical Engineering Center at Weizmann and the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center at the Broad.
  • The candidate is expected to work with both teams in collaborative and supportive environments, with the location flexible between the two centers.
  • Interested candidates should send a CV, references and cover letter to