The following services are provided at the ISPC facility

Cloning/Mutagenesis & Expression Screening

  • Cloning/mutagenesis (PCR, digestion, cloning, transformation & sequencing)
  • Small scale expression test in E. coli
  • Expression test in P. pastoris
  • Viral production and expression test in insect cells
  • Expression test in HEK293 cells

Large Scale Cultures for Protein Production

  • 5L  culture -  E. coli
  • 5L culture – P. pastoris
  • 1.5L culture – Insect cells
  • 1.5L culture – HEK293 cells

Protein Purification & Refolding

  • Protein extraction from cells and tissues
  • Protein purification (single and multiple chromatographic steps)
  • Removal of tags
  • Method development
  • Refolding of inclusion bodies
  • Protein characterization

Crystallization & Structure Determination

  • Crystallization screening utilizing sitting and hanging drop vapor diffusion
  • Crystallization screening utilizing the Lipidic Cubic Phase for membrane proteins
  • Optimization of crystallization conditions
  • X-ray data collection
  • Structure determination and structure analysis


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