Bar-Shir Amnon  (Associate Professor)

Amnon Bar-Shir

(Assistant Professor)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Biosensors

  • Responsive MRI-based biosensors
  • Genetically engineered reporter systems for molecular and cellular MRI
  • Fluorine-based molecular tracers for MRI applications
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(Associate Professor)

Colloidal and Supramolecular Chemistry

  • Molecular switches
  • Nanoscale self-assembly
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Chemical reactivity at the nanoscale
London Nir  (Associate Professor)

Nir London

(Assistant Professor)

Chemical Biology - Design and discovery of covalent small molecules

  • Development of computational covalent docking methods
  • Design of highly specific covalent kinase inhibitors
  • Investigation of protein allostery via covalent modulators
  • Covalent drug discovery
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Margulies David  (Associate Professor)

David Margulies

(Associate Professor)

Bioorganic Chemistry

  • Fluorescent molecular sensors
  • Protein mimetics
  • Self-assembled synthetic receptors
  • Molecular-based devices
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Martin Gershom (Jan)  (Professor,Center Head,ראש מרכז)

Gershom (Jan) Martin


Computational Quantum Chemistry

  • High-accuracy ab initio thermochemistry and thermochemical kinetics
  • Development and application of novel DFT approximations
  • Applications in organometallic chemistry and homogenous catalysis
  • Noncovalent interactions
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Milstein David  (Professor Emeritus)

David Milstein


Catalytic Design, Green Chemistry, Alternative Energy, Organometallic Chemistry

  • Bond activation and catalysis by pincer-type complexes
  • Metal-ligand cooperation by aromatization-dearomatization
  • New “green” reactions
  • Water as an oxidant
  • CO2 and water splitting
  • Abundant transition metal catalysis
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Neumann Ronny  (Professor Emeritus)

Ronny Neumann


Catalysis – Sustainable Oxidation and Renewable Energy

  • Activation of molecular oxygen
  • Polyoxometalates for catalysis
  • Electron transfer mechanisms
  • Conversion of biomass and CO2 to fuel
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Rybtchinski Boris  (Professor)

Boris Rybtchinski

(Associate Professor)


  • Aqua Materials
  • Materials from Organic Nanocrystals
  • Solar Cells
  • Self-Assembly Basics
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Semenov Sergey  (Senior Scientist)

Sergey Semenov

(Assistant Professor)

Systems Chemistry and Catalysis

  • Autocatalysis
  • Catalytic reaction networks
  • Artificial cell
  • Origin of life
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Sheves Mordechai  (Extended Service Professor)

Mordechai Sheves


Molecular Mechanism for the Function of Retinal Proteins

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van der Boom Milko  (Department Head,Professor,מרכז תחום,ראש מחלקה)

Milko van der Boom


Coordination-based Functional Materials: From Molecules to Nano- and Microscale Assemblies

  • Molecular assemblies on surfaces
  • Nanoparticle assemblies
  • Halogen bonding
  • Metal Organic Frameworks and Coordination Polymers
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