Human Subjects/Specimens Research

The Weizmann Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Scope of activity:

The The Weizmann Institute Institutional Review Board (IRB) operates to ensure that all research performed at the Weizmann Institute that involves human individuals, human samples, and human data is performed according to the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

The committee also operates as a human embryonic stem cell research oversight (ESCRO) Committee to oversee all issues related to derivation and research use of human embryonic stem cell lines, and to facilitate education of investigators involved in human embryonic stem cell research.

Guiding principles and regulations:

The IRB operates according to the following ethical guiding principles and regulations (see links below):

  • Declaration of Helsinki
  • Local Legislation and Regulations: Human Subjects Research is to be carried out in compliance with the principles of the Public Health Regulations (Clinical Trials in Human Subjects) 1980, and the Ministry of Health regulation.
  • Research supported by US federal agencies or the European community is further subject to US DHHS guidelines and/or EU guidelines.
  • Research involving human embryonic stem cells will be conducted according to the guidelines established by the US National Academy of Sciences.

Forms and Assurances:

Laws and Regulations pertaining to Human Subjects/Specimens Research:



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