The Design, Photography and Printing Branch in the Division of Weizmann IT provides competent and professional visual services as determined by our clientele's needs. These include: design and illustrations, scientific covers and models, conference concepts (invitations, posters, brochures, booklets, roll-ups), website designs, enhanced scientific photography, custom photographic images for covers and websites, high quality prints on fabric poster (up to 1m width), duplication and bindings.

Scientific Animation - Bringing Science to Life
Do you have sophisticated scientific ideas that you’d like to convert into 
eye-catching, beautiful, compelling scientific animation to generate real impact?
Scientific animation is a method to present and deliver your science in a clear and compelling message, conveying vast amounts of detail in quick, dynamic ways.
Please welcome the newest member of the Weizmann Design team: scientific animator Ofir Shein-Lumbroso (PhD), who will bring your science to life.
Read the guidelines and submit your ideas.