Graduate students

Graduate Students - M.Sc. theses completed

  • Sigal Rotem: “From an experienced mathematics teacher to a professional development facilitator: A case study of a facilitator in a pre-service video-based workshop”, 2017 (co-advisor Ronnie Karsenty). Current activities: Mathematics Teacher and Ph.D. Student at Haifa University.

  • Gil Schwarts: “Characterizing video-based peer discussions of Israeli mathematics teachers watching a Japanese lesson”, 2016 (co-advisor Ronnie Karsenty). Awarded the Dean’s Prize for Excellence.  Current activities: Ph.D. student.

  • Yael Nurick:  “The development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching of Secondary Teachers in Video-Based Peer Discussions”, 2015 (co-advisor R. Karsenty). Current activities: Ph.D. student.

  • Yigal Asnis: “Design of the teaching unit “Introduction to Logarithms” according to the theoretical and practical principles derived from the nominalistic philosophy of mathematics”, 2010. Current activities: Ph.D. student at Haifa University.

  • Tamar Scharf: “Reading and comprehension of mathematical texts” M. Sc. completed in 2008. Current activities: Senior High School classroom teacher with plans to continue towards a Ph.D. degree.

  • Itah Naftalis: “The learning and teaching of maximum/minimum problems in high school calculus”. M. Sc. completed in 2003 (coadvisor T. Dreyfus). Current activities: Teacher leader and teacher of teachers.

  • Sarah Kiro: “Processes of reading mathematical texts by high school students”. M. Sc. completed in 2003 (co-advisor T. Dreyfus). Current activities: Coordinator of pre-universities studies, teacher leader, and mathematics textbook writer.

  • Ran Segall: “Mathematics Displays in Science Museums: Design, evaluation and research”. M. Sc. completed in 2001.
    Current activities: design and implementation of mathematics displays in several science museums in Israel, lecturer.


Graduate Students - Ph.D. theses completed

  • Liana Jaber: “Video as a resource for teacher development in the Palestinian system” Ph.D. (Hebrew University) completed in 2017. Awarded the Arianne de Rotschild Doctoral Scholarship.  Current activities: School Principal and leader, East Jerusalem.
  • Jason Cooper: “Mathematicians and primary school teachers learning from each other”   Ph.D. completed in 2016. Awarded the Otto Schwarz Memorial Graduate Scholarship, and the Elchanan E. Bondi Memorial Prize for Academic Excellence and Scientific accomplishments, The Weizmann Institute of Science. Current activities: Post-doctoral Fellow, Haifa University.
  • Avital Elbaum-Cohen: “Characteristics of Teaching and Learning in Courses for Reading Mathematical Texts for Advanced Math High School Students” Awarded the Orly Kaplan Prize. Ph.D. completed in 2016.  Current activities: High School teacher and Lecturer, Tel Aviv University.
  • Constantino de la Fuente: “Tareas de investigación matemática con estudiantes de secundaria” (co-advisor Inés Gomez Chacon). Ph.D. (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) completed Suma Cum Laude in 2016. Current activities: High School teacher and Teacher Leader, Burgos, Spain.
  • Orit Broza: “Influences of instructional mathematical games in interactive computerized environments” (co-advisor Yifat Kolikant). Ph.D. (Hebrew University) completed in 2014.  Current activities: Lecturer, Levinsky Teacher College.
  • Intisar Natsche: “The role of visualization in the teaching and learning of mathematics in the Palestinian Educational System”. Ph.D. (Hebrew University) completed in 2013 (co-advisor Igal Galili). Current activities: Teacher and teacher leader in East Jerusalem.
  • Tiruwork Mulat: “The components of success in mathematics among high-school students of Ethiopian origin”. Awarded the Orly Kaplan Prize. Ph.D. completed in 2009. Current activities: Lecturer of Mathematics Education at Teacher Colleges.
  • Michal Tabach: “Evaluation and research of the learning and teaching of mathematics in a computer intensive environment” Awarded the Orly Kaplan Prize. Ph. D. completed in 2007 (co-advisor Rina Hershkowitz). Current activities: Professor at TAU. 
  • Dani Ben-Zvi: “Exploratory data analysis by junior high school students in a computer based environment”. Awarded the Gad Reshef Excellence Prize by the Feinberg Graduate School, and the Orly Kaplan Prize. Ph. D. completed in 2001 (co-advisor A. Friedlander). Current activities: Professor, Haifa University.

Graduate Students - Ph.D. theses in progress

  • Yael Nurick: “Processes of reflection and enhancement of mathematical knowledge for teaching during and following peer discussions of videotaped mathematics lessons” (co-advisor R. Karsenty).
  • Gil Schwarts: “Professionalization processes of facilitators in mathematics teachers' professional development programs” Awarded the Arianne de Rotschild Doctoral Scholarship  and The Aran Scholarship from Israeli Chief Scientist, Ministry of Education (co-advisor R. Karsenty).

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Ronnie Karsenty (2001-2004) – Graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Research area: Cognitive and affective characteristics of students with difficulties in mathematics and the uses of video in teacher professional development. Current activities: Project Director, Staff scientist, WIS.
  • Dr. Sue Magidson (2002- 2004) – Graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. Research area: the interaction between design, teaching and research in mathematics education. 
  • Dr. Guy Hed (2006-2009) – Graduate from the Faculty of Physics at WIS. Research area: the learning of algebra and the use of computerized environments. Current activities: Project coordinator, Center for Educational Technology (Matach).
  • Dr. Alon Pinto (2011-2014) – Graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (mathematics). Research area: the interface between university and high school mathematics. Current activities: Senior Intern, Weizmann Institute of Science.