My scientific activities in the area of Science education began in 1964. Together with my work in physics research, I joined the educational activities (part time) within the framework of the "Rehovot Group" led by professor Amos de Shalit.  In 1976 I became the leader of the Physics group at the newly created Science Teaching Department.

During the early years, the 1970's-1980's, our work concentrated mainly on curriculum development and implementation of the novel learning materials we created, through professional development of teachers and intensive guidance activities in schools. The materials developed included textbooks, teachers' guides, and novel laboratory activities for students.

As the development efforts matured, and a full physics curriculum for high schools was in place, our emphasis gradually broadened to include evaluation processes, as well as cognitive research activities. Such research serves to provide improved understanding of student conceptual frameworks, their learning difficulties and their misconceptions in the various subject matter areas, such as mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, contemporary physics, etc. Based on the insights gained through these studies, we improve the quality of our curriculum materials. So we are continually engaged in cycles of Creation-Implementation-Evaluation and Research.

Our work in these areas was conducted in collaboration with various members of the Physics group, graduate students, many physics teachers, as well as science educators around the world.