ITEM - Innovative Teacher Education in Mathematics

(Funded by ERASMUS+)

The ITEM project envisions to help undergraduate students to realize the impact of mathematics on their studies and professional carrier success. The project main outcomes include (a) the integration real-life problems into Calculus I and Linear Algebra I to show the application of Mathematics in today’s technology; (b) the development of CAS, the incorporation of mobile tools and visualizations along teaching Mathematics; (c) the development of software that allows teachers to early identify student’s that face problem in learning Mathematics and so provide assistance to overcome these challenges; (d) the development of teaching and learning manuals for more effective teaching & learning Mathematics; (e) the training of teacher’s in the most modern & efficient teaching techniques like the Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Project Oriented Based Learning (POPBL) along Mathematics teaching.

The ITEM is a consortium of 16 partners from Programme Countries Institutions (Greece, Spain, Austria, Sweden, North Macedonia) and Partner Countries Institutions (Israel, Kosovo, Uzbekistan). A WIS team, including Dr. Ronnie Karsenty, Dr. Alon Pinto, Dr. Jason Cooper and Prof. Boris Koichu is responsible for Quality Assessment working package of the ITEM.

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