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‘Girls Choose Science’ airs on Israeli TV


Date: March 26, 2017
Weizmann Magazine Vol. 11

A new television series representing a collaboration between the Davidson Institute of Science Education and the Israeli Children’s Channel launched in February, with a goal to ignite curiosity for science among girls and pursue studies in science. The 21-part series of skits appears on the Children’s Channel and the Logi Channel. It includes leading Israeli actors Lior Raz and Eliana Magon, whose humorous and entertaining skits of two- to three minutes present accurate simple explanations of key concepts in science and math.

The series—the first of its kind in Israel—aims to help girls overcome obstacles and prejudices that might prevent them from pursuing science and math. It will run every day throughout 2017. In addition to the skits, the popular show “The Real Bell” will feature a recurring “Girls Choose Science” segment.