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New magnet for brain research


Date: March 13, 2018

Above, the new 7-Tesla MRI is being swung into its new home in the Lubin Building where it will begin its new role as the centerpiece for the Azrieli National Institute for Human Brain Imaging and Research headed by Prof. Noam Sobel. The heavy instrument required building a special skylight on the building's roof in order to insert it. The Institute was inaugurated on March 6 with guest speaker Prof. John Gabrieli of MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

Prof. Noam Sobel is supported by the Fondation Adeli; the Norman and Helen Asher Center for Human Brain Imaging;The Azrieli National Institute for Human Brain Imaging and Research, which he heads; H. Thomas Beck; The Carl and Micaela Einhorn-Dominic Institute for Brain Research, which he heads; the European Research Council; the Nadia Jaglom Laboratory for the Research in the Neurobiology of Olfaction; the Rob and Cheryl McEwen Fund for Brain Research; and the Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom Foundation. He is the incumbent of the Sara and Michael Sela Professorial Chair of Neurobiology.