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Reshef Tenne elected to the European Academy


Date: August 7, 2022

Prof. Emeritus  Reshef Tenne has been elected as a member of the esteemed European  Academy  of  Sciences and Arts, for his outstanding research achievements and international distinction. His work in the Department of Molecular Chemistry and Materials Science focuses on the study of inorganic nanotubes, material which is composed of a lamellar (multilayered) compound rolled around itself like a hollow cigar.

The properties that Prof. Tenne and others have discovered over the course of more than 29 years of research have greatly contributed to our knowledge of how matter behaves at the nano scale. Immediate applications of nanotubes relate to their great strength—inserting them into composite materials such as those used in airplanes or cars can significantly increase these vehicles’ ability to absorb shocks and prevent casualties in road accidents. Meanwhile, the non-toxic nature of nanotubes could mean future roles in various biomedical devices, sensors, and even artificial limbs. In recent years, Prof. Tenne has focused his work on new, so-called “misfit” families of lamellar compounds, which can form superconducting nanotubes, suitable for quantum technology.