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A safe haven for scientists

The Institute opens its doors and labs to researchers from Ukraine, Russia

People behind the science

Date: August 23, 2022

The Weizmann Institute has launched emergency programs to help students and scientists from Ukraine and Russia to continue carrying out their scientific research.

The Institute is offering grants to Visiting Scientists to enable them to continue their research at the Weizmann Institute, for up to three months.

Researchers in the fields of life sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science, and science teaching will be assisted by the Weizmann Institute in coming to Israel and will be provided airfare, accommodation, financial support and laboratory space for the duration of their stay.

In addition, the Institute’s Feinberg Graduate School is sponsoring a visiting students program, eligible to graduate and advanced undergraduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers from Ukraine and Russia in the research fields listed above. Visiting students and postdocs will be hosted by a Weizmann lab, receive a monthly allowance for up to six months, and have their housing and airfare costs covered.