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From bench to (pediatric) bedside

People behind the science

Date: August 23, 2022

In December, a celebratory summit took place between  Weizmann  biomedical  researchers and their colleagues at the Schneider Children’s  Medical Center in Israel — one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals. The virtual meeting marked the launch of an exciting initiative devoted to translational medical  research:  the Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn and Martha A. Darling Weizmann Institute - Schneider Hospital Fund for Clinical Breakthroughs Through Scientific Collaborations.

Held in the presence of longtime Weizmann friends and President’s Circle members Dr. Gil Omenn and Martha Darling of Michigan, who established the Fund, the meeting featured presentations and a lively discussion on how the collaboration is advancing the treatment of pediatric illnesses, as well as improved methods for diagnosis and disease prevention.

Weizmann participants included President Prof. Alon Chen, Prof. Maya Schuldiner, Prof. Ayelet Erez, and Dr. Ruth Scherz-Shouval. The Schneider team included hospital CEO Dr. Efrat Bron-Harlev, as well as leading physicians, division heads, and Board members.

 Dr. Omenn is a Life Member of the Institute’s International Board and a National Board Member of the American Committee. The couple established the Leah Omenn Career Development Chair in 2013 in honor of Gil’s mother, and created the Dr. Gil Omenn and Martha Darling Professorial Chair in Molecular Genetics in 2016. They also support the annual Ephraim Katzir Lecture at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, among other philanthropic activities.

The Weizmann Institute thanks Dr. Gil Omenn and Martha Darling for their magnanimous gift to initiate collaborative research, from bench to bedside. “We are passionate about science, children, and excellence,” Gil and Martha said, adding that they “are proud to invest in the Weizmann - Schneider Collaboration for Clinical Breakthroughs.”