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Azrieli dinner and dedication

Special events

Date: March 27, 2016
Weizmann Magazine Vol. 9

On the evening of November 10, the members of the International Board and guests honored the Azrieli family for its dedication and support for the Weizmann Institute throughout the years and the establishment of the Azrieli National Institute of Human Brain Imaging and Research.

David Azrieli, the family’s patriarch and a long-time supporter of the Institute, passed away in 2014. His daughters (pictured L to R), Danna, Naomi, and Sharon, and Stephanie, his wife, were in attendance at the event.

Naomi Azrieli shared her feelings for the Weizmann Institute, saying, “It is like a family for us,” and called the Institute “a trailblazer in innovative technology and scientific creativity”. Prof. Noam Sobel, head of the Department of Neurobiology and head of the new Azrieli Institute, described some of the latest developments in neurobiology research at the Institute and the impact that the Azrieli Institute will have in the future, specifically the addition of a more powerful MRI which will be a major feature of the new Azrieli Institute.