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New laboratory for brain research

Special events

Date: December 24, 2017
WeizmannDirect Issue 9
(L-R) Dr. Dan Andreae and Dr. Ivo Spiegel

(L-R) Dr. Dan Andreae and Dr. Ivo Spiegel

The new Dr. Daniel C. Andreae Laboratory for Brain Research, established through a gift from Dr. Dan Andreae of Toronto, was celebrated with Dr. Ivo Spiegel of the Department of Neurobiology. who will run the lab. Dr. Andreae, a professor of psychology with doctorates in neuroscience and education, spoke about his commitment to science and his particular interest in Dr. Spiegel’s focus on the ‘nature versus nurture’ quandary: to what extent do experience and environment dictate brain function, and to what extent do our genes do so.