Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society luncheons across the U.S.

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2017

As part of the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society Initiative, the American Committee hosted a series of luncheons across the country. The events celebrated “Founders of the Future,” supporters who have established a legacy for the Weizmann Institute through their charitable gift and estate planning. Attendees included current Honor Society members as well as loyal donors who have made annual gifts to the Institute over the past decade.American Committee CEO Marshall Levin was the keynote speaker at theevents in the Midwest, Greater Washington, D.C., Michigan, and Florida regions, presenting “Reasons for Hope and Optimism: Breakthroughs from the Weizmann Institute.” In New York, special guest Prof. Brian Berkowitz, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and incumbent of the Sam Zuckerberg Professorial Chair in Hydrology, spoke about protecting our planet’s supply of healthy, drinkable water. At each luncheon, Stacy Sulman, Vice President of Family Philanthropy and Legal Affairs, Center for Personalized Philanthropy (CPP), shared planned giving opportunities. With more events underway in the months and years ahead, the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society unites donors who are building an enduring foundation of support for the Institute’s future.