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Weizmann Institute ranked 10th in world for research impact

Date: Monday, July 20, 2015

In the highly regarded Leiden University ranking of scientific research impact, the Weizmann Institute of Science was ranked tenth in the world for research quality, in a study released in July. The Institute was the only institution outside the U.S. to make the top ten.


The survey is based on citation data of published papers, not subjective questionnaires. The ranking was conducted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, known by the Dutch acronym CWTS. The study analyzed 750 research institutions worldwide in the years 2010-2013.


The ranking reflects a marked growth in impact of Weizmann Institute of Science research, which was ranked 19th on the Leiden list in 2006.


According to CWTS, Weizmann Institute scientists published 2,414 scientific articles in the study period, and these articles were cited 27,859 times. Of these articles, 460 - or 19 percent of the total number of articles the Institute published in this period - were among the top 10 percent of all articles published worldwide in terms of their impact, as measured by the number of times they were cited.


In life sciences and medicine, the Institute ranked particularly high: 21.4 percent of its articles made it into the top 10 percent in terms of impact. And 57 articles made it into the top one percent in terms of impact - meaning, they were among the most influential articles published worldwide.


The full ranked list is available at www.leidenranking.com/ranking/2015



Top ten institutions:


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2. Harvard University


3. Stanford University


4. University of California-Berkeley


5. Princeton University


6. Caltech


7. University of California-Santa Barbara


8. University of California-San Francisco


9. Rice University


10. Weizmann Institute of Science