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Imagining a world without science

Date: Sunday, September 18, 2022

With the pandemic shining a spotlight on the necessity of scientific research to achieve medical advancements, Weizmann Canada asked its supporters to simply imagine “What if science didn’t exist?” as part of its final campaign of 2021. A world without science, they posited, would lack the tools to screen for fetal abnormalities or to detect lung cancer; would never be able to unlock the mysteries of the human brain, or develop vaccines to combat COVID-19.

In the face of such “what ifs”— and armed with  the  knowledge that Weizmann Institute scientists have been working to find answers to these and many other compelling “what ifs” since 1934—the Weizmann Canada community invested a record amount on Giving Tuesday and year-end giving appeals, more than doubling the previous year’s campaign investments.

Generous matching gifts from Jeff and Laurie Cohen, Dr. Dan Andreae, and Jeff and Pauline Segel formed a solid foundation to kick off the year-end campaign.

Weizmann Canada’s National Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers across the country also contributed greatly to the campaign’s success, through personal donations as well as connecting with friends and philanthropists within their networks.