Inspirational science in São Paulo

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019

In May, Israel Vainboim, a close friend of the Institute and a founder of the Brazilian Association of Friends, generously hosted a dinner at his house in São Paulo for a group of very successful businessman—leaders of some of Brazil’s most powerful companies. Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph, Vice President of Resource Development and Public Affairs, gave an overview of the Institute and about new technologies that are being developed.


Pictured L to R: Flávio Rocha from Guararapes group; Cândido Bracher from Itau Unibanco; Marcos Lederman from Jointvest; the host of the event, Israel Vainboim; Israel Bar-Joseph, Vice President of the Institute; Roberto Bielawski from Rascal; Mario Fleck President of the Brazilian Association of Friends; Pedro Wongtschowski from Ultra Group; Alexandre Gonçalves Silva from Embraer; Milton Seligman from Insper and Dany Schmit, CEO of the Weizmann Institute for Latin America.