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Mexican Friends form new Vera Weizmann Group for Women in Science

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Mexican Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science formed a new group for young women interested in better understanding and assisting in the challenges that women scientists face during their careers, and to help promote the advancement of women in science.

The group, called the Vera Weizmann Group for Women in Science, is comprised of 14 women. Its first formal meeting took place during the visit of Dr. Itay Tirosh to Mexico in December, at the home of Mrs. Joan Schwarz at which Dr. Tirosh, of the Department of Molecular Cell Biology, gave a talk. Daniel Schmit, CEO of Weizmann Latin America, took part in the gathering. For many participants, it was their first encounter with the Weizmann Institute.


In February, the Vera Weizmann Group hosted Prof. Anat Yarden, Head of the Department of Science Teaching, at the home of Mrs. Miriam Kalach.


Founding members of the group include Carol Perelman Fastlicht, Sandra Vainer, Rebeca Uziel Harari, Mónica Poplawksi de Romano, Marlene Behar de Romano, Tammy Mugrabi de Cohen, Esther Alerhand Sissa, Margie Amkie Cohen, Joan Porteny de Schwarz, Miriam Hanono de Kalach, Gina Galante Rahmane, Ariela Perelman de Silberstein, Nina Penhos de Helfon, Ilana Goldberg de Landsmanas, and Carol Perelman Fastlicht.


Dr. Tirosh also made visits to the Club Deportivo Israelita, the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he gave a talk, among other meetings. Among other meetings, Prof. Yarden gave a master class in science teaching to high school and university students, as well as teachers and educators.