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UK: Ambassadors’ Lecture

Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Three Weizmann Institute scientists spoke at Weizmann UK's Annual Ambassadors’ lecture, "From Research to Reality," at the IET London on November 28. About 150 guests attended the event.

Dr. Michal Leskes from the Department of Materials and Interfaces discussed investigations into extending the lifetime of rechargeable batteries, as well as advances in battery power technology.

Prof. Ron Milo from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences discussed the hidden secrets in making food production more efficient. And Dr. Ulyana Shimanovich from the Department of Materials and Interfaces described her research on how ultra-fine fibres such as spider webs and silk from silkworms are offering hope towards the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Weizmann UK Chairman Martin Paisner CBE introduced the event, which was moderated by science communicator Dr. Emily Grossman.

Drs. Leskes and Shimanovich both completed their postdoctoral studies at Cambridge University. During their visit to the UK, they joined Weizmann UK and a small number of special friends and supporters who have a connection to Cambridge for an informal lunch at St. John’s College, Cambridge.

The scientists also took part in the How To Academy’s "How to Change the World" conference at the Royal Institution on November 30. Weizmann UK sponsored that day-long conference which provides insight into the innovations that are predicted to change our lives. Weizmann scientists were joined by other leading experts from academia and industry to explore subjects ranging from emotion-reading computers to the exercise pill of the future.