About Us

Dear Alumni,

The Alumni Organization of the Weizmann Institute of Science is a relatively small, exclusive organization, with around 7,000 members that go back to the first class of the Feinberg Graduate School in 1958.

Despite its small size, about 25% percent of PhD graduates in sciences in Israel are Weizmann Alumni, and they hold great influence over the financial, scientific, and technological power of the State of Israel. Many Weizmann Institute Alumni hold key positions and leading roles in Israel and around the world and are a source of inspiration and pride to us all.

Weizmann Institute Alumni are innovative, curious, driven, high quality game-changing individuals. The Alumni Organization recognizes the ambition of our Alumni to grow and develop professionally throughout their lifetime.

I invite you to sign up to our Alumni Organization and encourage your classmates to follow suit.

I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors and encourage you to keep in touch with us.

Yael Goren-Wegman
Executive Director
Israeli Friends Association and Alumni Organization
Weizmann Institute of Science


What do you gain from joining the Weizmann Institute Alumni Organization?
You can get news and updates from the Weizmann Institute, find professional or business opportunities through renewed connections, or offer employment to young graduates and students nearing their graduation – and of course enjoy the mere experience of reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

What do we gain?
We get the chance to hear back from you and learn about the progress you have made over the years.
We can also benefit from the knowledge, experience, connections, and resources you have accumulated over the years, if you choose to share those with us.
We will be happy to receive any ideas or initiatives for activities that can promote the Alumni Organization and position it as an active and meaningful body.