Algorithm developer (May,2021)

Algorithm developer
Design, implementation and analysis of novel mathematical models focusing on neurodegenerative diseases.

Job Overview

A position is available as an algorithm developer for the division of theoretical studies in Gateway Institute for Brain Research (Located in Tel Aviv Area). The position entails design, implementation and analysis of novel mathematical models for neurodegenerative diseases. The results and predictions will be used as a template for experimental designs, to be performed by the experimental division, with an aim to discover novel treatment strategies.

Responsibilities and Duties

A successful candidate will be tasked with:
  • Designing and implementing mathematical models for neurodegenerative diseases, in collaboration with and with constant input from our US based team.
  • Analysing the results, extracting testable predictions.
  • Devising new forms of analysis, extending the analysis portfolio, and assimilating new methods into company protocol. 
  • Suggesting and designing experiments based on testable predictions, and in collaboration with abroad experimental divisions.
  • Documenting model design and results, for internal uses and transparency.
  • Presenting and communicating progress on a semi-regular basis, in front of a diverse audience of other company employees (Management, biologists, neurologists, data scientists etc.)


  • MSc or PhD in natural sciences, with preference to expertease in relevant fields (Biophysics, Biological physics, computational biology etc.) 
  • Hands on experience with design and implementation of mathematical and computational modeling.
  • Ample experience coding in MATLAB, Mathematica or Python
  • Mathematical analytical skills, an advantage.
  • Highly motivated, hard worker, and creative thinker. Able to communicate ideas fluently to a diverse audience with varying backgrounds.
  • Background in medicine is a plus. 

Gateway Institute for Brain Research 

Yaki Setty