Postdoctoral researchers

We are looking for researchers seeking to establish themselves as independent scientists. We will design together projects that synergize our and his/her strengths toward this goal.

Preferred skills: imaging experiments / behavioral experiments / programming skills

Students (PhD, MSc)

We are looking for students eager to learn our style of merging biology, engineering and computer science. Students will also become proficient in both classical and modern neuroscience technologies.

Preferred skills: biology experiments / programming skills


Candidate for Staff Scientist position (PhD level)

We are looking for a person who is willing to establish challenging genetic strategies for enabling cutting-edge imaging studies. There is also an independent molecular project for exploring the mechanisms of psychedelic actions. After a trial year, the candidate will have the opportunity to advance to a tenure-track Staff Scientist position.

Qualification: publication records in molecular biology, preferentially (but not necessarily) in neuroscience. Solid skills in cloning/genetics/histology.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact the PI (takashi.kawashima@ and include your CV.