Lectures and Interviews


A Structuralist Perspective on the Neuronal Basis of Human Visual Perception

Bar Ilan University Vision Science Seminar, Nov 2020


 - תהליכי חשיבה יצירתית במוח האדם- הרצאה במסגרת סמינר סגל משפחתי האקדמית גורדון 


חופש ויצירתיות במוח האדם
רפי מלאך, מכון וייצמן, מאי 2020


  • Linking Perceptual and Neuronal Face-Spaces in the Human Brain,  Mathematical Conscious Science Seminars, May 2020


  • A Universal Mechanism Underlying Free and Creative Behaviors in the Human Brain, Ben Gurion U. April 2020


  • Local neuronal ignitions underlying visual perception in the human brain, April 2017



  • Mapping a-priory biases in the human cerebral cortex, June 2013



  • Imaging of the human mind (in Hebrew)at the Technion - Israel Institute for Technology



  • Internal and External Visual Representation (in Hebrew) - at the Israeli Open University

  • The reality through our brain,  radio lecture (in Hebrew), February 2017 - link to the lecture
  • Controlling the spontaneity of the mind, TheMarker Magazine (in Hebrew),  January 2018 - link to the article
  • Freedom and Order in Our Inner World, How does the brain impose boundaries on free recollection? Weizmann Wonder Wander, November 2017 - link to the article
  • TV interview about memory retrieval on Rafi Karaso's "Healthy Living" show  (in Hebrew) - link to the interview