International Collaborations

Dr. Alex Walton (University of Manchester)
Project: In-situ spectroscopy on OER catalysts at alkaline conditions via Weizmann UK - Making Connections Program (September 2022-August 2024)

Dr. Slavomir Nemsak (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Our group is users of equipment managed by Dr. Slavomir Nemsak at the Advanced Light Source.

Dr. Ashley Head (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Project: Fischer-tropsch process at atmospheric pressures via BSF grant (October 2021-September 2025)

Prof. Miquel Salmeron (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Project: Surface-sensitive spectroscopy and microscopy on metal/oxide interfaces at atmospheric pressures via NSF-BSF grant (July 2019-June 2022)

Prof. Dr. Robert Weatherup (University of Oxford)
Project: Surface-sensitive spectroscopies at industrially relevant catalytic reaction conditions
via Weizmann UK - Making Connections Program (September 2018-August 2021)

Prof. Ernst Meyer and Dr. Urs Gysin (University of Basel)
Project: First generation high-pressure atomic force microscope
supported by an anonymous donor