Nir Gov`s Lab

In my group we are interested in physics problems that arise in the fields of Biology, Soft-Matter, Complex Fluids and Out-of-Equilibrium systems. We develop theoretical models using the tools of statistical mechanics, non-linear dynamics, soft-matter physics, thermodynamics, elasticity theory etc., to tackle the puzzles we encounter in the natural world. Our aim is both to advance our understanding regarding each particular system which we explore, as well as reach fundamental and more general understanding of a wide class of systems.

For example, we are exploring the active (out-of-equilibrium) processes on the sub-cellular level, which are mainly driven by forces produced by molecular motors. At the same time, such models are inspiring us to describe the collective behavior of insects, such as ants and midges. At each level of length (and time)-scale we find unique mechanisms and look for the emergent phenomenon, in the spirit of statistical and condensed-matter theories.

Collective cell migration
Driven by Curvature: Cell shapes and dynamics
Dynamic phases of molecular motors: pulses, shocks and traffic-jams
Collective motion of organisms
Active particles and membranes